Electrical HV/LV Substation

Electrical & Power Automation Fields:

  • Constructing the overall 33/11KV substations to the requirements set both by the client and international standards.
  • Import of all the substation equipment from recommended and global venders and carry out installation & commissioning.
  • Install switchgear in accordance with manufacturer’s written instructions and the following specifications, although do the Adjustments and cleaning work. Then start with testing to check all installed switchgear for proper grounding, fastening and alignment, also all accessible mechanical and electrical connections to ensure they are torqued to the minimum acceptable manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Prepare designs and supervise the implementation of high & low tension network projects, both aerial and ground feed, to reach the consumers, along with the import and installation of meters as required.
  • FAJER UR range of High Voltage Current Transformer includes both HT Current Transformer and LT Current Distribution Transformer. A Current Transformer is a type of “Instrument Transformer” that is designed to provide a current in its secondary form which is accurately proportional to the current flowing in its primary.
  • Design & supply of remote control and operation systems for substations.
  • Design of cabinets for all the information pertaining to substations and transferring the information package to the dispatch control and operation centers via the Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and other communication equipment and media.
  • Supply & install all types of high and low tension cables and those for control and communications, together with equipment for joints and overhead networks that include distribution and transmission and their ancillaries for all capacities.
  • Supply & install poles, towers, cables, insulators, joints and testing equipment in all required sizes and capacities.
  • Supply communication and control systems of electricity transmission, distribution, the management & operation of electric networks and substations via Dispatch Control Centers and SCADA systems.
  • Design of 110 volt and 48 volt direct current systems for electric power sub-stations and the supply of their distribution boards.
  • Supply of alternating current systems for the service system of power distribution sub-stations.
  • Design and supply of detecting and fire-fighting systems in buildings and factories.
  • Provide consultation in the field of electric power distribution and transmission plus selecting and fine-tuning the specifications of electric equipment, matching these to current international standards and providing the required approvals.